Spreckels Hunting & Guide Services

Spreckels Guide Service has been a family run farm since the early 1900′s. Spreckels Guide Service is located in South Central South Dakota in the “Golden Triangle” between Gregory, Chamberlain, and Winner SD, aka “the pheasant capital of the world.”

We offer guiding services for pheasant, deer, and turkey hunting. We are located 12 miles East of Winner right off Highway 44. Pheasant hunting may be intense at Spreckels Guide Service in South Dakota, many people do not realize the abundance of turkeys and trophy class deer Tripp County South Dakota has to offer.

Come to Winner South Dakota and join Spreckels Guide Services for the best guiding services of South Dakota pheasant hunting, deer hunting, and turkey hunting.

Our Hunting Grounds

Spreckels Guide Service is a family owned operation with over 3,600 acres of prime South Dakota hunting ground created specifically for pheasant, deer, turkey, and grouse hunting. Our land runs directly through the bull crick, so the deer and turkey hunting is phenomenal.

Our land consists of cricks, sloughs, draws, cain, milo, cattails, kochia, shelter belts, and crop fields, all perfect South Dakota hunting habitat for the wiley ringneck pheasant, and other South Dakota wildlife. We take pride in our wildlife management program and have learned from many decades of trial and error on how to to manage our property to the wildlife haven it has become today. Come experience top quality South Dakota hunting at Spreckels Guide Service in Winner South Dakota.

About Us

Don and Patty Spreckels own Spreckels Guide Service, and their two sons Marshall and Adam help operate the business. We can’t forget our chocolate lab “Kujo” who takes part in all the hunting activities. We have been guiding hunters since the early 80′s, so we understand as guides how to keep our customers satisfied year after year to keep them coming back.

We want to be part of your next South Dakota hunting expedition. Come enjoy the numerous wildlife, beautiful scenery, experienced guides, and South Dakota hunting at its finest at Spreckels Guide Service. Call To Reserve your next South Dakota Pheasant Hunt, Deer Hunt, or Turkey Hunt here at Spreckel’s Guide Service by going to our Contact page.

Our land lies in South Central South Dakota in the Golden Triangle between Winner, Gregory, and Chamberlain South Dakota, where pheasant hunting is not only known to be the best in South Dakota, but the best in the world. Our land consists of over 3,600 acres of cricks, sloughs, draws, cain, milo, cattails, kochia, shelter belts, and crop fields, all perfect habitat for the wiley South Dakota ringneck pheasant. We realize what we need to do as landowners to keep a habitat suitable to sustain life for our pheasant population, especially with the harsh winters South Dakota has to offer.


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